Musical Mathsters

Teaching Maths Through Music and Play

Welcome to our Musical Mathsters page!

This is a new and innovative course put together by all of us here at Tutorage. It is a series of training courses aimed at you (the parents!) which will provide you with games and techniques to teach your children maths through music and play. Our course will help to guide you through navigating the world of maths in a way that is fun and engaging!

Summer Course Structure

Our Musical Mathsters course will consist of five hour long sessions with an initial online one-to-one. Each session will focus on a different element of maths, with all of the resources and skills coming together at the end of the course to make teaching it a breeze!

Session One: Online One-to-One

Before starting the course, we will invite you to have a chat to us via an online one-to-one. This will allow for us to better understand what YOU want to get out of the course, and personalise the content to what will help you and your child the most.

Session Two: How to Teach Counting

Our second session will focus on the importance of counting and being able to teach it in a way that helps your child to understand and internalise it. It is very important to introduce the idea that counting isn’t just about repeating a list of numbers, but is instead a large part of mathematical understanding.

Session Three: Measuring and Direction

Our third session will focus on activities that will help your child to visualise and internalise what measuring and direction actually are. The games we will introduce will demonstrate concepts such as big and small, and backwards and forwards without making them too complicated!

Session Four: Adding and Subtracting

Our fourth session will focus on what it is we mean by adding and subtracting. This will follow on from session three by further focusing on the concepts of big and small in relation to demonstrating more and less. These are the foundational elements of learning how to add and subtract.

Session Five: Tackling Time

Our fifth session will help you and your child to get to grips with time in relation to mathematical learning. We will use storytelling to learn about time, again taking the concepts of big and small along with backwards, forwards and sideways to help your child to conceptualise what time is and how it moves.

Session Six: Divide, Multiply and Conquer

Our final session of the course will use the concept of fairness to introduce how we can group and split items up. This will demonstrate the core elements of division and multiplication and again help your child to internalise and understand them. Through this, we will also have a focus on halving and doubling and what this may mean when we look at it through the lens of multiplication and division.

Course Details

For the course of sessions, details are as follows:

  • 5 weekly hour long sessions plus online one-to-one
  • Ages 4 – 7
  • Course price of £67.50
  • Free use of all resources provided
  • Class size of roughly 12 family groups (1 adult and 1 child included in price, siblings are welcome and will be charged at half price to cover costs)
  • Sessions will run on Sunday afternoons 2:00pm to 3:00pm from the 21/07/24 to 18/08/24


Brampton Museum

Brampton Park, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Newcastle ST5 0QP

Booking a Place:

If you would like to book your place on the course, please click the button below to be taken to our TicketSource event.